To all interested cavers

re. Northern Caves Guide BooksNorthern Caves 3

The current editions of Northern Caves are showing their age and volumes 1 and 3 are now out of print. There is an urgent need to update and re-publish this important guide book series. A group of concerned northern cavers (in consultation with the copyright owners) have tentatively developed the following initial brief for this project:

A complete update of the Northern Caves guide book series with the principal aim of continuing to provide a published comprehensive record of all known dry* cave passage in Northern England. The project will review and, if necessary, update the existing cave descriptions to rectify any errors and take account of any significant changes. New caves or new extensions will be added in a similar style.

Pitch rigging information will be kept to a minimum. Typically this will only be a suggested ladder length and (where appropriate) a suggested rope length for SRT. A modest description of an SRT route might be provided if it is significantly different from the ladder descent. Northern Caves will continue to be first and foremost a guide to the caves and not a ‘how-to-do-it’ guide to the various caving activities which might be undertaken in those caves.

The editing team (from several northern clubs) would welcome any material relating to new cave, errors in a location or cave description. Also comments or suggestions (however critical, tangential or idealistic) to stimulate further refinement of the project brief are welcome. Northern Caves is for the benefit of anyone interested in the caves of Northern England and we’d like your thoughts.

Please email:

Or write to: Northern Caves Update, 135 Henderson St., Manchester M19 2QT

More infomation will become available at this web site as the project proceeds, so please bookmark this page if you'd like to revisit the project at any time.

Sam Allshorn (ULSA) on behalf of the Northern Caves Group.

*defined as passage that doesn’t require diving apparatus.